Don't Let Your Memories Fade Away

It is time to get your memories out of the shoe boxes and closets. Vintage photo and film formats all degrade over time. Digitize them, breathe life into them, so you can enjoy and share them in a digital format.

What Formats We Digitize

How It Works

1. Estimate how many slides, negatives, or VHS tapes you want to be converted.

2. Fill out our estimate request form.

3. We will contact you with your estimate and directions for shipping and payment.

4. Organize and package your media as explained in the FAQ below.

5. Ship or drop off your media. If you ship it, we will notify you when we receive it.

6. We then convert your media. We color correct the images and transfer the content to the media drives.

7. We send you your newly converted digital media along with the originals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you group media chronologically and by short subject. We ask that you keep your slides or negative groups to 30+ pictures. We may charge a handling fee of $0.99 per group if you consistently have groups of less than 30 slides or a complete roll of film. We will convert your media in the order we receive them.

You can send your slides to us in Carousels, Slide Trays, Slide Boxes, Slide Preserver sleeves, anything that will keep your slides organized and protected during shipment.

You can also place your slides in handi-wrap or tin-foil wrap boxes, they are a perfect fit for slides. You can indicate the beginnings of slide groupings by using mini post-it notes to label the start of a group.

If your slides are in airequipt trays: (a type of tray that requires each individual slide be in a removable metal sleeve), please remove them for us. If you do not, we simply charge a $0.10/slide fee for this and we do not return the slides to the metal sleeves.
A) Place your film and photos in a container before putting them in the box you are going to ship them in.

B) If you have groups, make sure that they are secure and will not shift if the box is shaken en route.

C) Use a sturdy box that won't crush easily. Your local post office provides priority mail cardboard boxes free of charge and they work very well. FedEx also provides boxes free of charge at any FedEx shipping retailer. (We are not responsible for shipping errors commited by the shipping service.)

D) Don't forget to include your media storage drive if you are including one. Please ensure it is formatted for both Mac & PC.
When you place your order, we charge you 50% upfront for your estimated order size. We will then bill you for the remainder of the processing cost and the return shipping.
You may include the upfront 50% payment in the box or send it through PayPal. The final payment may be made through either PayPal or via mail.
Fill out our estimate request form. We will get in touch with you to coordinate the rest of the process.
We do require at least enough media to total $15. This helps cover the costs associated with processing your order and setting up your media. If you only send us 1 slide to digitize, that 1 slide will effectively cost $15 plus media and shipping.
If you don't live in southern Maine, please ship your media to us. We will give you our address after you've completed the estimate request form. Return shipping will be added to your final order price. Dropoffs at our location are free. We can also meet you 20 minutes away from our location for an additional $7.99
We’re not a huge scanning lab, so we expect to turn around your order within 2-5 weeks of when we receive it. Smaller orders may be quicker but larger orders may take longer. We will let you know how long we expect it to take.
Our prices are lower than other services because we are not a dedicated facility. Our equipment is not capable of the same resolutions as the one's large facilities. If you need a high end digital copy, or a print larger than an 8x10, we'd be happy to recommend another service. Our results are still very detailed and are more than enough for digitizing and printing medium sized photos.
The quality of your image largely depends on how good the original is (proper exposure, focus, etc...). The better the original quality, the better the conversion. We do our best to make your photos look great. But we may be unable to completely recover deteriorated, under-exposed, over-exposed, or color shifted photos.
•35mm Slides & Negatives including 35mm Archival film
•127, 126 KPK & 110 Slides and Negatives
•VHS Tapes (No Beta tapes at this time)
Of course! All of the original materials sent with your order will be returned along with your digitized materials, unless you specify otherwise.
If you took the time to organize and label groups of media, this organization will be reflected in your scanned media. For example, if you have an envelope of photos or a tape labeled: “Sam’s 2nd Birthday”, we will store your media in a folder named “Sam’s 2nd Birthday”.
We will provide our address after you have completed the estimate request form and are ready to ship or deliver.
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