VHS Direct to Hard Drive

In a direct tape to hard drive conversion, we convert your tapes into editable .mov files. We store the editable footage on an external USB hard-drive for you to edit at home or leave preserved in the digital format.

It's simply a straight format conversion from video tape to a digital file. Any blank spaces in the tapes will remain. We encourage you to number the tapes in the order you would like them transferred and provide a title for each. Use this worksheet to help you.

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DisclaimerIt's likely that your VHS tapes have been collecting dust for over a decade. The quality of the tape may have significantly deteriorated since you last played it. If your VHS tape is unplayable, we will charge $0.99 for handling, but not the full cost of conversion.

Cost: $9.99 per 2-hour tape + External Hard Drive ($35 or provide your own).

* Turnaround time depends on the type and quantity of media sent in the order. Accurate turnaround time will be provided in correspondence with us.

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