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Senior Portraits


It can be difficult finding the right photographer to take your senior portraits. You need someone whose style and pictures you like, but also someone who will make your session fun and comfortable! When you're having fun, your pictures will come out better!

Each of my sessions typically lasts a bit longer than the time stated on the package. I'm not afraid of taking the extra time to make sure your pictures come out the best they can possibly be. My goal is to capture a few different looks. Some more traditional, but also others where we can just be creative and see what happens!

We'll talk before the session to determine where and when you want the session to be. I have a few go-to spots, but the best portraits happen when we take them at a place that is special to you. During the session, you can expect plenty of feedback and encouragement from me. I'll do everything I can to ensure that you look your absolute best! I hope to hear from you!

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